Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Friday, September 21, 2018

The California Fly Fishing Open on The Mighty Kern 2018

This weekend (Sept. 21-22) marks yet another great event as hosted by the Southern Sierra Fly Fishers. This is a fun-as-hell contest BUT more importantly a fun-as-hell gathering of folks who are proud of the Sierra Nevada, it's amazing waters and love having a good time. There always seems to be a wealth of great talent, raffle items and characters to make this a proper California  fly fishing event. Top it off, as tradition dictates, Guy Jeans' Stoneflys and So Cal's surf-influenced trio PAR AVION will be performing the after event (Saturday the 22nd at the Rivernook Campground). Both bands have new material and simply get better and better! Register for this event here: LINK - It's not too late!

Saturday, August 26, 2017

The Black Diamond Trout Society 2017

If you ever have gotten ticks to catch a trout
If you ever went off trail
If you ever watched a friend have a melt-down because there's no cellular service
If you ever had to call in sick to work the day after due to exhaustion
Welcome to the black diamond trout society!

After much touring and a delightfully musical spring and summer, I participated in a long overdue run to the southern Sierra with some esteemed friends (Noah Snyder, Justin Andres and my rock-n-roll wife Rebecca) had us sweat some, use our trekking poles and smell a little bit funky ... and, alas, catch a few fish.

Go get 'em!

Friday, March 24, 2017

Par Avion's March and April Flight Schedule

Photo: Tommy Blatnik

Par Avion has a colorful volley of So Cal gigs over the next several days and we wish to invite everyone to attend. The first two are low volume with Rebecca and I performing as a duo while the second two are more rockin'. Here they are in order with a few quick notes:

The Porch Gallery in Ojai, California - Saturday, March 25th - 5pm
Our laid back performance as a duo will take place at roughly 5pm after our good friend Osceola holds a talk about his photography (also on exhibit). This is free and open to the public and is simply an all-around cool event. Details HERE

The Santa Monica Farmer's Market - Sunday, March 26th - 10AM-1pm
We're talking the one at Main St. and Ocean Park; just blocks from the beach! This will also be a low volume duo gig. How often can you hear music while shopping for organic fruits and veggies? Super family friendly and totally California! Details HERE

The Pike Restaurant and Bar - Thursday, March 30th - 9pm-11pm (ish)
This is one of my favorite bars on earth. They make an honest no BS fish taco, serve some drinks and have a cool vibe with walls festooned with So Cal punk posters as well as Long Beach historical images and such. This night will feature two sets at medium volume. Set #1 being loungier than the second more rocking one. Derek O'Brien will be with us on drums. He's been a great part of the Par Avion experience and we will be recording some new material with him soon. Anyone with a passion for So Cal punk and surf will know Derek from a variety of great bands such as Social Distortion, Agent Orange, Extra Fancy and the Adolescents to name but a few. He's a cool cat too! The bar is at: 1836 E. 4th St. in LB. Their site is HERE

The Huntington Beach Pier - SURFIN' SUNDAYS - Sunday, April 2nd - 2pm
This is the first of a lengthy summer of Sunday events curated by some very cool allies in the world of instrumental surf music. This is ground zero; where it all began. I'm talking the roots of surf music! The event starts at around 11am and all the bands are great. Stay tuned from more details at this blog and or Par Avion's Facebook page HERE.

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Black Diamond - Texas Style

Years ago I heard of a savvy guide named Alvin who worked out of the Austin area. Reports that I'd scrounge up were inspiring and he had a creative angle on looking for fish. Recently, while visiting Moldy Chum (one of my favorite blogs), I saw this cool account of a remote Texas river. The video is great eye candy and very inspiring. Enjoy!
Here's a link to the video HERE

Saturday, January 7, 2017

The Harvest - Boat Trip Out Of Ventura Dec. 2016

The discussion, amongst anglers about preserving a resource is terribly complex. A species of fish (or animal of any sort) is one piece of a puzzle that includes its ecosystem and all the elements involved. Climate, other organisms, water or air quality and good ol' humans. With all these thoughts cycling through my brain, it was almost with a sense of guilt that Rebecca and I joined a group of friends to do some fishing AND harvesting. Given that I do this type of angling (essentially freezer stuffing) on an average of less than once a year and given how I am growing more and more leery of fish that I buy in the stores, any sense of guilt vanished. We charged out of Oxnard early one Monday morning for a wonderful day of playing hooky. Our best moments since have been a fish soup as well as fish tacos. Here's a video to add to the fun: CLICK ME.

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

3 Dams to Be Removed in American West to Restore Rivers

A recent announcement of the impending elimination of three "deadbeat" dams is exciting news. One of them, hits close to home. It is the Matilija Dam within the Ventura River drainage not far from Ojai, California. I have seen wild trout both above and below this dam. I have also seen how silted-in the "lake" above the dam is; truly a mind-blowing. Now, there are numerous perspectives that go beyond the fish which make derelict dams an interesting concern. For example: Matilija and the Rindge Dam (in Malibu) are very near the sea and prevent natural sediment deposits that are helpful for, of all things, surf breaks. Both dams are upstream of very popular surf spots. The famous Surfrider Beach in Malibu being arguably the result of centuries of sediment building up a great surf spot. While reading the recent announcement at National Geographic's site about these three dams, there was a bonus link to a fantastic mini-documentary about the Glen Canyon Dam. In that documentary, one finds and interesting sub-plot of the retrieval or "salvage" as they call it, of Native American artifacts and the loss of that canyon. This salvage was done by archaeologists in advance of the flooding of the canyon. As I have obsessed for years over fisheries concerns, I have often forgotten about what secrets get buried underwater. In an area as vast as that buried by Lake Powell, it has struck me that more than just ecosystems are being severely tampered with. Definitely a timely concern as we see Native Americans still getting the short end of the stick.

Click HERE for the recent article about the Three Dams and HERE for the link to the Glen Canyon short.