Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Mini-Streamers for Mini-Predators

This heavily shaded local stream is truly fascinating. Some areas are rife with bows while others host just browns. The size of the fish can sometimes vary seasonally as well. Larger fish seem more cagey and hunker down while the frigid shady zones are not yet warmed by the onset of summer. Seemed like the smaller fish reveled in this. Some pools held nothing (hint hint) others coughed up a fish. Dries and an occasional baby-streamer rocked the place. Little yellow sallies were coming off in numbers but some fish were welcoming larger protein. I had one follow by a monster who held off from taking the streamer. Last time I saw an image like this was a few years ago, also locally, and the fish took on the second cast (not common with big browns from my experience). This fish appeared almost as large (17" inches+?). Anyway, this Nessie didn't cooperate. Not one to complain (a big fat lie). It was a good day and I needed the workout.