Sunday, April 16, 2023

Lake Tulare - 2023 - WOW!

No better time for a run-on sentence than when speaking of 2023's epic water year in California. If the rains did not create an incredible situation, the snowmelt will top off the season as the headline act and yes, play a very long set! I always feel a curious sensation as I head up and down HWY 99; knowing that I am driving through a lake bed. It pains me to think that many people have suffered (flooded homes, farms etc.) because of the recent winter's heavy precipitation esp. those in the Central Valley that, yep, you guessed it, is Lake Tulare's original bed but still, let's be clear, this is mother nature doing its thing; climate change or not and she has decided to let Lake Tulare make a showing. My fave and perhaps THE pre-eminent fisheries biologist in the state, Peter Moyle, offers this all-encompassing summary of Lake Tulare's 2023 manifestation. Coming to think of it, when the French use the word "manifestation" it is often in the context of a demonstration or protest. That's put that in your aqueduct and smoke it! Read the entry HERE

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