Saturday, November 29, 2014

Heaven Below - Fall 2014

A terribly long overdue post here and a return to the world of "Black Diamond Trout Fishing" adventures! Lots of fishing has been going on but I have been terrible at posting ... Here's a fun one to make up for it all. Earlier this month (Nov. 2014), I was fortunate enough to rally the esteemed company of Jimmer and Phil to visit a deep and mysterious Sierra canyon that I have a soft spot for. Another friend John recently hit this area with great success. Our trip was less filled with bragging right sized trout but still amazing fun and a great visit to this magical place. A trip earlier this season with Oliver, Don and Rebecca coughed up larger fish. This second trip, later in the season of this drought year made it unusually easy to wade and wander about. That alone added to the novelty (tragic as it is) to this trek.

Access to this canyon was made over a moderate pass.
There was even snow!

Compare this photo from 2014 with the colors of 2012 (below).

This spot is usually difficult to cross even in fall.

The beauty persists.

The risks persist!
Usually it's rattlesnakes, poison oak and ticks.
This fly had just popped out of a fish's mouth...
and into my hand. Nice fish too.

The trout persist. *Jimmer's fish
One of many fish and perhaps one of the finer specimens.

The buddies persist!
Myself, Jimmer and Phil.
Visit their sites and blogs.
and be inspired!