Saturday, January 7, 2017

The Harvest - Boat Trip Out Of Ventura Dec. 2016

The discussion, amongst anglers about preserving a resource is terribly complex. A species of fish (or animal of any sort) is one piece of a puzzle that includes its ecosystem and all the elements involved. Climate, other organisms, water or air quality and good ol' humans. With all these thoughts cycling through my brain, it was almost with a sense of guilt that Rebecca and I joined a group of friends to do some fishing AND harvesting. Given that I do this type of angling (essentially freezer stuffing) on an average of less than once a year and given how I am growing more and more leery of fish that I buy in the stores, any sense of guilt vanished. We charged out of Oxnard early one Monday morning for a wonderful day of playing hooky. Our best moments since have been a fish soup as well as fish tacos. Here's a video to add to the fun: CLICK ME.