Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Ain't that America?

... with a suspicious length of PVC.

After the endorphin rush of Mothra Creek faded the jones for more adventure hit hard. A few days later and it was off to an equally remote locale with cougar prints and vestiges of a pot farming operation. Weird world we live in isn't it? Add to the mix a delightful population of very healthy salmonids of the European variety.

Ain't that America?

Friday, April 24, 2009

Mothra Creek

The wilds of So. Cal. continue to cough up all sorts of strange critters.

After a proper black diamond workout of road clearing.
A small team of fish-obsessed cats made it to shangrila. Sometimes stealthy and other times casual approaches brought us a wealth of RBTs.

Ironically, the fist spot we passed also coughed-up the best specimen upon our return.

Monday, April 20, 2009

This is About Water + AB 1253

Activism and being a California angler are one and the same; that is if you want people to catch fish a generation or two from now. This video illustrates well an impending issue of importance: AB 1253 Critical is the time frame. Please act NOW.

Details are all over the web. Here's a great destination: as well as here:

Please note that many of our systems are highly interconnected. For better or for worse, stripers appeared in CA Water Project related lakes such as Pyramid, Castaic and Silverwood as a result of water being moved around. Everything is affected here. I share this as much out of curiosity and amazement as anything else. Bottom line, more creative and long-term solutions can be considered versus the continued abuse of our water systems. We anglers get caught in the crossfire. I also share this out of concern for the future.

Monday, April 13, 2009

The Hills Are Dead and Alive

A recent trek had not only trout make an appearance but also a number of random characters such as a dead fox, a cougar slaughtered deer(?), a VERY alive rattler and the telltale signs of Smokey himself! Hmmm am I forgeting anything? It was life and death in a nutshell. Pretty intense.

The gloves, for you black diamond trout folk, help reduce sun damage but really shine in giving you less fear when grabbing branches, bushwhacking, leaning on boulders and clearing plants that could be toxic. The gloves are certainly not ideal fish handling items but these were soaking wet and the fish was gently handled and quickly released.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

The Hills Are Alive

With the sound of poppies poppies poppies!
Although I focus on the fish, the rest of the "picture" has to be taken seriously. Be it the reptiles, the birds and the flowers. Heck, even the ants (trout love 'em!). A recent jaunt with Jimmie Morales to work with a large crew of anglers in the west slope had us drowning in flowers. The fishing was a challenge because of the onset of snowmelt but the persistent and those who fished the edges carefully were rewarded.

And a closer look ...

And finally a little science for y'all... see these mountains in the distance?

Their coat of snow is melting and our crew was there just as it was kicking -in. Saturday the fishing was better. Turbidity, temps and flows (CFS) rose sufficiently enough on Sunday to put a damper on our friends, the trout.

Despite this, fish were caught and the glory of California was celebrated as places like Fargo suffered a blizzard.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Fly Fishing in Spain

Well it sucks that I haven't posted in ages but it's been a nutty time. Tonight I begin slowly chewing through stacks of images (digitally speaking of course). The local hills look pretty and I think it's time to celebrate California wild trout. Stand by for cool stuff ASAP. Anyways, the closest I got to a fly in the last few weeks was helping my evil twin's band perform a tribute song to Lux Interior of the Cramps. The song? Human Fly of course! See ...

(Evil twin on left of stage)