Tuesday, December 22, 2020

Friday, December 4, 2020

The Corbina Diaries

 Fly Fishing is a place where obsession, the thrill of trying to fool a finicky animal and, hell, science and wisdom all collide. Very few things offer a better crossroad that the game of hunting Corbina in the summer on So Cal beaches - with a fly. I have played the game many many times and have had all sorts of humorous, disappointing as well as victorious moments. It’s simply fantastic. Gathering all sorts of wisdom from his own years spent pursuing this fish as well as the wisdom of others, Al Q has published a book that simply kicks ass. I can say with confidence that I would love the book almost as much even if I was in another country where Corbina do not even exist. Maybe the same way I love reading about people fishing, say, for Searun Cutthroats or Taimen. This is simply a great and fun fishing book. Just when you thought you’d read it all and had enough vicarious fishing thrills to last you a lifetime … you might want to squeeze this puppy onto your bookshelf! Order here: https://bit.ly/thecorbinadiaries


Note: These fish are both common and mythological. I wish to say that YES, I have caught one before! Here's a hog from a few years ago: https://alquattrocchi.com/2015/07/15/perseverance-pays/

Saturday, November 21, 2020

Friday, October 23, 2020

Bear Butt Canyon - October 2020

Ok so why Bear Butt Canyon? One of the most exciting aspects of this area is that it is full of bears. Last time I was here (2007) we saw several including one ornery and unusually large male. Luckily on this trip, all bears were skittish. Our count on this trip was just shy of 10 (depends who you ask!) and two of these were healthy cubs. At one point, as we did some cross-country stuff along the river bed, David climbed up over a rise and found himself looking at a bear's behind hence the title of this entry. Here's some bear footage to for your listening and dining pleasure ...

Sculpted by nature ...

Sculpted by humans? bears? This trail was far from anything.

The grind out of the canyon ...

For those extra curious, this trip log (not mine) summarizes much of what our trip was. Link HERE. The difference is that we took a short-cut cross-country to the river about 1/4 mile from the bottom of the trail to hit the river and explore. I do not recommend this move because of terrain unless you are not carrying a heavy backpack. We also had to keep a close eye on what the National Park Service would decide as far as trail access due to nearby fires. See image below.

Last but not least, this was after all a "Black Diamond Trout" expedition so a few of these came to hand and were all safely released.

Wednesday, September 23, 2020

Wednesday, July 1, 2020

Psychedelic Houston

Rebecca and I just wrapped-up some travel to visit family and were treated to some San Francisco styled psychedelia at Houston Hobby. It truly caught us off guard and it was hard not to wonder whether or not the colorful overhead projections from the Fillmore in the 60s are not to be thanked. Although a bit nervous about travel, we felt pretty comfortable on our flight minus one guy who was very sloppy about his mask use. Soundtrack is the actual song "PAR AVION" as inspired by the Insect Surfers (who were in turn inspired by the enigmatic 80s indie band Pel Mel). This recording is from our first release Surf the Friendly Skies and features DJ Bonebrake (X) on drums. The music is available here for a "pay what you want" rate (free if you're broke!): http://bit.ly/surftheskies