Tuesday, March 17, 2020

California Fisheries Reading Material Motherlode

I guess it's time to read? I just loaded up on dozens of back-issues of this pamphlet via ebay. Some going back to the early 1940s. These are not what you'd think by their cover. They go reasonably deep into aspects of CA wildlife (and in some cases beyond California). Matters pertaining to otters, whales, invertebrates and, of course, fish. Esoteric stuff too like why two Tiger Barbs were found in the Owens River (yes, you read that right). And to my angler friends, even a solid theory that not all NZ and Patagonian RBTs are of McCloud strain. I guess I could be practicing guitar as well ...

Monday, March 16, 2020

So Cal Mountains | March 15, 2020 | Three Colors, One Species

Three trout in one day. All caught within 1000 feet of each other. Technically of the same genes (wild fishery, no planting). Crazy color variations! Kept wet (plus it was drizzling), all carefully released. Top fish on a Buhler Brothers pattern. Some big mayflies around.