Monday, February 10, 2020

Introducing the Barbless Podcast!

Rebecca and I were guests on The SoCal Fishing Podcast -! The title of the show is called, On the Road with Bernard and Rebecca Yin and was hosted by these two fantastic people - Conway and Michelle Bowman. On Instagram, they each included some additional fun photos. This one, in particular, is super fun from a few years back when Max Bowman jumped "onstage" at the Carp Throwdown as Conway, Guy Jeans and I jammed. The podcast is a new experience for us. We think it's ended up being real fun. We cover a multitude of topics. Seriously, a multitude. We hope that you enjoy it:

* Carp Throwdown is a fun-as-hell carp on the fy event put on by Conway and Al Q. Details: Al Q also did a Barbless interview and it is GREAT. Check it out HERE.