Sunday, November 13, 2011

Falling for Fall

One heck of a summer has just passed. I barely picked up the guitar however got in more stream time than ever I could imagine. Work at Sierra Fly Fisher ebbs as the season cools and I prepare for some final hunts before returning to La La Land. The Samurai is running well and I thank George at Yosemite Smog and Electric as well as the guys at Elite Auto; both in Oakhurst, CA. This, of course, is critical since the car is what gets us to the stream most of the time. I got to meet some amazing people and made many new friends despite a super tame social life. Many days passing with minimal contact with anyone other than clients and anglers. What remains impressive is that I am not sick of it all (fly fishing). Netflix is a huge help and today I watched a documentary on the making of Queen's "Night at the Opera". What a moment that band had. My return to "civilization" will also mark a renewed enthusiasm for all-things-web and some surfing for crying out loud! I am excited. To the Sierra Nevada? I'll be back!