Wednesday, July 1, 2020

Psychedelic Houston

Rebecca and I just wrapped-up some travel to visit family and were treated to some San Francisco styled psychedelia at Houston Hobby. It truly caught us off guard and it was hard not to wonder whether or not the colorful overhead projections from the Fillmore in the 60s are not to be thanked. Although a bit nervous about travel, we felt pretty comfortable on our flight minus one guy who was very sloppy about his mask use. Soundtrack is the actual song "PAR AVION" as inspired by the Insect Surfers (who were in turn inspired by the enigmatic 80s indie band Pel Mel). This recording is from our first release Surf the Friendly Skies and features DJ Bonebrake (X) on drums. The music is available here for a "pay what you want" rate (free if you're broke!):