Thursday, April 23, 2020

So Cal Mountains | Mid April 2020

Did you make it this far? Watch two trout on their spawning bed while a "cheater male" tries to join the party. Here: Video Link.

Sunday, April 12, 2020

EPA Stops Enforcing Environmental Rules Amidst Coronavirus Pandemic

The undermining of the EPA and a general attitude that does not seem to favor renewable energy sources and best practices for the environment (yes, they are connected) has, sadly, been part of the current administrations MO. I have been accused of being overly diplomatic so let me say this: This is code red. The current pandemic is verifiably a result of man's meddling with nature and being slapped-back HARD. It's not the first time nor the only type of such "karma" if you will. As we continue to do so, we will make ourselves vulnerable to the next massive curve ball from her (Mother Nature). This current Surfrider call-to-action is a good read and closes with the encouragement that we all raise our voices. Here is the link: LINK

In closing, as I often have to remind people (and myself) this is not a partisan matter. We all have friends, family and most of all children or nieces or nephews or grandchildren etc. who will be inheriting the earth. The EPA was founded by Richard Nixon a republican. Not a perfect man but unlike a more current republican, considered the environment (climate maybe?) a worthwhile concern. 

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