Tuesday, January 3, 2023

Blue Lining Into 2023

 As 2022 closed, a trip up into the "locals" to assess the condition of a cherished stream was classic So Cal. It was full of mixed emotions. There was celebration as recent rains brought much needed water while the past fires generated silt and sandy runoff to traumatize the habitat ... oh and humans, driven even crazier than before by the pandemic, clearly took to the stream this past summer to paint, party, vandalize ... But against all odds, last but not least, small trout have persisted; giving us hope. Click on the images to enlarge.

Did you make it this far? Please look at the new Restore Malibu Creek website [https://restoremalibucreek.net] and while you are at it, sign up for the newsletter and by all means, feel free to contribute to CalTrout [https://caltrout.org]. I am proud to be a photo contributor to both.

In closing, look for a much more frequent series of post throughout the year.

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