Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Spinal Dan up to 11

Lefsetz's ever-popular missives often include emails from well-known people. This one is in response to a lengthy set of responses to a highly-laudatory Steely Dan 'discussion". It's very hard not to find this 100% classic. Almost as classic as classic rock.

From: Harry Shearer
Subject: Re: More Steely Dan

Only because of you did I realize, after returning from New Orleans, that the Dan tour you wrote up from the Beacon was now at the (ugh) Gibson. So i bought a last-minute ticket, steeled myself for the drive to the (ugh) Valley, and ended up luxuriating in internet request night. My only odd note, in the midst of rejoicing in the music, and the playing: it's the only rock (?) show I've seen in years where I thought (and a friend I met in the lobby afterwards concurred), "should be louder".

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mikemercer said...

HA - yeah, that one was classic Bob. We've been having a great correspondance. He's been generous with his time thankfully.