Sunday, July 29, 2012

Heaven Below

Sometimes paradise is down low. Take a few bruises and close encounters with rattlesnakes and the 13 year old nature freak inside screams for joy. Wait, let's throw the rattlers back in! Black Diamond Session with Jay Dunkley. Note in image #2 how far back Jay sits while probing the foam patch for big browns? THAT is the secret! Click on each image for an exploded view.


Anonymous said...

That is some beautiful waters, I have not fished on the West side much, which is where I am assuming you slice of heaven is located.

troutuort said...

Cool Bernard.
This is the place below that camp site you were talking about?
I'll be heading here next time for my trip.
I better buy some sinking line...
Looks really deep here.

Bernard Yin said...

Correct ;) - The west slope has its own wealth of opportunities. Personally, I like it more.