Monday, November 19, 2018

Are Streamers Fly Fishing?

To me and many anglers I know - This has always been a very loaded question. For me, there's a certain humor to it because even within the realm of streamer fishing, the techniques and the streamers (oh wait, I meant "flies") vary immensely. I just had a lot of fun watching a video demonstrating how the floating-headed "Miyawaki Beach Popper" is used to coax sea-run cutthroats. This is a massively different approach to plumbing the depths of a pool with a cone-headed bugger on a sunk-tip line or fast-stripping a Lefty's Deceiver through a school of feeding fish. Add to that the fun of stripping a small, "OG" Mickey Finn on a high mountain lake... and so on and so forth. A very cool blog called Troutbitten covers one great nuance after another in the world of angling and they recently posted an entry about streamer technique that I feel is a great read for those who have no qualms about cutting back their leaders, putting their #18 Adams back in the box and throwing some meat to entice larger fish. Link HERE. Well, I'd like to add my entry to this conversation. In a nutshell, we're talking drifting a streamer deep with occasional twitches and a solid split shot. By the time my un-weighter squirrel-winged streamer (tied by the Buhler Bros.) hit about 10 feet, I got the take. Yep, I was basically highsticking. Was it fly fishing? I myself am torn. I LOVE dry fly angling and targeting a rising trout. Everything outside of that, to me, is a variation... buuuut, well, I like catching (and releasing) fish. I can also add with great confidence that this fish had zero desire to rise to a dry!

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