Sunday, January 11, 2009

Department of "Dynamic" Fish and Game

All too often the DFG gets a bad rap and I would like to be the the first to wave a fist of frustrated protest at the times I have called Cal Tip and watched poachers waltz off with a massive stringer of illegally taken trout BUT I also wish to sing praises of the many times that the DFG has proven a source of great information and ideas. For one who really studies their web resources, you will find that in many ways they ARE serving the public and those who pay for permits, licenses etc. For several years now I have subscribed to the hard copy of California Outdoors. The publication has a great mix of articles from conservation issues to DFG sting operations on a myriad of strange crimes against nature. All that said, there's a neat dynamic feature whereby one can submit questions online and get answers online in a public forum. Here's the link:
* At the time of this post, I was unable to generate a clickable link. Strange I agree. It may be because one has to join to log in. I am not sure. *

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