Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Ride the Tiger! or The Ongoing Relationship Between Cats and Trout

As I look into the crystal trout ball I see so many connections between shapes and objects and what they teach us. A random search for references to Jefferson Starship's song "Ride the Tiger" from way back had me find the curves of this terrifying work of art

and the bouncy spikes of some January snowmelt on a California stream

Scary to say that early January shows daily spikes as temps heat up, melt snow and then cool off and re-freeze the water on the ground ( be it snow or ice ). One thing that I will confess to is that it has me eyeballing a spot and already checking my knots. Am I a global warming parasite?


Unknown said...

global warming parasite? you are too funny mr. b! happy hunting!

FBW said...

Funny how, when compressed, those river spikes look like .WAV files viewed thru an editor like ProTools...life's little connections.