Monday, January 5, 2009

The Trout Phreak

Rarely does Wikipedia fail us. In other words, I am NOT using the "Ph" just to be hip. The Wikipedia definition of the classic geek term "Phreak" is as follows:

Phreaking is a slang term coined to describe the activity of a subculture of people who study, experiment with, or explore telecommunication systems, like equipment and systems connected to public telephone networks. As telephone networks have become computerized, Phreaking has become closely linked with computer hacking.[1] This is sometimes called the H/P culture (with H standing for Hacking and P standing for Phreaking).

Well whether you buy into the "Ph" or just enjoy the letter "F", let's celebrate the online gauge. Whiling away my holiday nights, I watched as a local stream's flows plummeted after some rains and continued to plummet while snow fell. When weather warms and the snow melts, this slope will reverse and spike back up. I even made a hike to see what it all looked like. The fish were not very cooperative and the water was very cold to say the least. What I did get out of the experience was a better look at holding water. Knowing that the fish are not in the mood to move very much allows one to explore sans the fear of spooking a potential "fish of the day". I now know where some insane undercuts and eddies are located. Let's get some more rain and snow. A toast to 2009!

Phreak out, c'est chic!

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