Wednesday, April 8, 2009

The Hills Are Alive

With the sound of poppies poppies poppies!
Although I focus on the fish, the rest of the "picture" has to be taken seriously. Be it the reptiles, the birds and the flowers. Heck, even the ants (trout love 'em!). A recent jaunt with Jimmie Morales to work with a large crew of anglers in the west slope had us drowning in flowers. The fishing was a challenge because of the onset of snowmelt but the persistent and those who fished the edges carefully were rewarded.

And a closer look ...

And finally a little science for y'all... see these mountains in the distance?

Their coat of snow is melting and our crew was there just as it was kicking -in. Saturday the fishing was better. Turbidity, temps and flows (CFS) rose sufficiently enough on Sunday to put a damper on our friends, the trout.

Despite this, fish were caught and the glory of California was celebrated as places like Fargo suffered a blizzard.

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