Monday, April 20, 2009

This is About Water + AB 1253

Activism and being a California angler are one and the same; that is if you want people to catch fish a generation or two from now. This video illustrates well an impending issue of importance: AB 1253 Critical is the time frame. Please act NOW.

Details are all over the web. Here's a great destination: as well as here:

Please note that many of our systems are highly interconnected. For better or for worse, stripers appeared in CA Water Project related lakes such as Pyramid, Castaic and Silverwood as a result of water being moved around. Everything is affected here. I share this as much out of curiosity and amazement as anything else. Bottom line, more creative and long-term solutions can be considered versus the continued abuse of our water systems. We anglers get caught in the crossfire. I also share this out of concern for the future.


Burl Productions said...

Please sign the petition even if you don't plan on attending the rally. It's going to be a tough fight, but every signature helps.

Unknown said...

petition to oppose signed just now. wishing us all good luck. -eric/fresno, ca.