Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Ain't that America?

... with a suspicious length of PVC.

After the endorphin rush of Mothra Creek faded the jones for more adventure hit hard. A few days later and it was off to an equally remote locale with cougar prints and vestiges of a pot farming operation. Weird world we live in isn't it? Add to the mix a delightful population of very healthy salmonids of the European variety.

Ain't that America?


Shane Stewart said...

same $@&# different day

at least you caught the right type of fish though ;)

Trustar said...


Thanks for your comment on Trustar Vibrations. Glad we could do the honors with the MIGs post. Have loved this one since it came out. Have always got good response from the tune-hungry hoards out there.

Trustar Vibrations